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Last modified on: 10/28/2018 3:15:04 PM New houses presented to naval War Hero families

New houses presented to naval War Hero families

[October 28 2018]

Two brand new houses constructed under the 'Api Wenuwen Api' project and the 'Weera Sebala Foundation' of the Ministry of Defence were presented to two naval War Hero families, recently.

Accordingly, one of the two houses was presented to the family of Leading Diver KAC Kumara of the Sri Lanka Navy who had died while performing duties. The house built at Upuldeniya in Galenbindunuwewa was presented to the wife of the late War Hero.

Leading Diver Kumara had lost his life whilst engaging in clearance operation diving duties in the Nagadeepa tank in Mahiyangana on 07th April 2017.

Disable sailor, Able Seaman RGK Wickramasinghe was the recipient of the other house built in Pamunawatta, Kolonna in Ratnapura. The sailor was injured during a terrorist attack on 23rd February 1999. Both houses were presented to the beneficiary families during two simple ceremonies on Thursday (25 October).

The house constructed at Galenbindunuwewa was built with funds from 'Api Wenuwen Api' project (Rs. 750,000.00) and the Sri Lanka Navy Welfare Fund (Rs. 1,089,464.00) while the house in Ratnapura was completed with funds provided by the 'Weera Sebala Foundation' (Rs. 1,200,000.00). Both houses were constructed utilizing naval expertise and manpower.

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