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Last modified on: 9/12/2018 3:56:52 PM Sailors rescue beached Whale Shark

Sailors rescue beached Whale Shark

[September 12 2018]

A group of Naval personnel managed to successfully save a beached Whale Shark (Rhincodon Typus) that had been stranded at Alampil in Mulathivu on Monday (10 September). According to Navy media, sailors of SLNS Gotabhya in the Eastern Naval Command had rushed to the rescue of this protected species after the matter was brought to their notice by local Fisheries Department officials in Mulaittivu.

Sailors took precautions for the safety of the distressed creature which is listed on the red list and guided it about three nautical miles into the sea before it could proceed on its way.

The whale shark is the largest living fish (non-mammalian vertebrate) on earth. This slow-moving fliter-feeding shark feeds primarily on plankton. They inhabit tropical and subtropical oceans. They live for more than 70 years. Whale Sharks are prohibited from being caught in Sri Lankan waters.

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