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World Bank assures the President of continuous assistance to Sri Lanka |MoU between Coast Guard and Wildlife Conservation Department
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LTTE 130mm artillery piece destroyed in Mullaittivu on 31th March 2009


Navy destroys 04 Sea tiger boats killing 26 sea tiger cadres on board in the seas off Chalai and Mullaithivu on 30 March 2009

Security forces nail LTTE's rudimentary 'air wing'  on 20 February 2009


SLAF jets destroy two artillery guns on 13 January in Chundikulam

SLAF Fighter jets destroy two LTTE  crafts - Chundikulam - 8 JAN

Navy destroys LTTE logistic boat killing four LTTE carders North East of Point Pedro - 28th Dec , 2008

Navy destroys LTTE Logistics Vessel North-east of Mullaithivu  -19th Dec, 2008

POONERYN LTTE lost its queen on Wanni Chessboard

Heroes of the Skies

Air Force destroy 3 LTTE nerve centers in Wanni (09th Aug 2008)

SLAF launches successive air strikes at LTTE positions- Mullaittivu

Troops  liberate  Vellankulam Village -  02nd August 2008

Destructions of LTTE Arms carrying ship KOSHIYA by SL Navy

Arresting of explosive laden Lorry by the SL Navy

LTTE concrete complex pounded by the SL Air Force-13th Sep 2008

Two successive air raids on LTTE locations; LTTE storage facility destroyed - Muhamalai 12th Sep 2008

LTTE ammo and arms storage 3km North of Udayarkattukulama, Mullaittivu- 17.09.2008

High profile' LTTE hideout located in the Vattakachchi area-17.09.2008

LTTE loses grip over Admin hub at Mulankavil on 13th Aug 2008

Army liberates Thunukkai and Uilankulam Towns - 23rd Aug 2008

Air Force destroy 3 LTTE nerve centers in Wanni (09th Aug 2008)

SLAF launches successive air strikes at LTTE positions- Mullaittivu on 06th Aug 2008

Troops  liberate Vellankulam Village -  02nd August 2008

SLAF jets destroy key LTTE combat-logistic facility- Mullaittivu on 15th June 2008

 Rice Bowl area Captured on 30th June 2008

 LTTE base called "Vietnam Base" which has been recently captured by the troops on 23rd December 2007 in Vavuniya.

Destruction of LTTE arms carrying vessels ship MV “Matshusima” (07th October, 2007)

SLAF destroys key LTTE base - Mulaithivu on 21st Sep 2007

Last Moments of the LTTE's "Floating weapon dumps" on 11th Sep 2007

SL Army captures LTTE base Kokkadicholai

Vidattaltivu Liberated; terrorists suffer fatal blow (16th July 2008)

Wanni Operation 05th June 2008

The Battle of Baron's Cap

Sri Lanka Security Forces closing in to LTTE's Beiruit camp complex: Thoppigala

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Navy foils  LTTE's bid to replenish depleted arsenal   (28th Feb, 2007)

Vessel carrying weapons for LTTE completely destroyed- (17th Sep, 2006)

Sri Lanka Navy - Silent  Battle Against Terrorism

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On the road to Baron's Cap Trophies of the battle

Naddalamoddankulam On 14.08.2006

Massive Air Strike destroys LTTE Base - Iranamadu


'Navy Triumph'; Sea battle at Point Pedro on 19th June, 2007




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