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Security Forces crush major terror attack at Vavuniya; 10 LTTE bodies found [Photo Updated]

Security Forces crush major terror attack at Vavuniya; 10 LTTE bodies found [Photo Updated]

Innocent cattle were also killed when LTTE fired artillery shells fell at the Thakawatte village, a locality in Vavuniya, this morning(Sep 9).  (Pic by: Priyantha Hewage)

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Latest military reports received from Vavuniya reveal that a major attack launched by LTTE terrorists at the security forces headquarters Wanni and Air Force Base Vavuniya early this morning (Sept 9) was completely foiled.

According to the reports, the terrorists launched a pre-dawn ground assault coordinated with artillery fire and an air raid with the intention of causing severe damage to the Air Force assets in the Vavuniya air base.

Defence sources in Vavuniya state, the terrorists launched artillery fire to the Army camp in order to prevent counter attack and directed their ground assault at the airbase. However, valiant soldiers moved forward amid heavy enemy artillery fire and crushed the terror ground assault completely. According to the available information, 10 bodies of slain LTTE cadres have been found so far.

According to Air Force sources, an LTTE air craft was detected in the early warning radar monitors at around 3.26 a.m., while another was spotted 5 minutes later. SLAF jets took on the hunt intercepting the enemy craft and reportedly shot down one, in the Mullaittivu skies around 4a.m.

12 soldiers laid down their lives and 15 others suffered injuries. One police constable was killed and 8 others sustained injuries due to the enemy artillery fire. Five Air Force personnel also suffered injuries. A civilian was also reported killed due to the indiscriminate LTTE artillery shelling.




A terrorist killed while fleeing in the midst of Army retaliation.


Body of a slain terrorist found in a subsequent search operation. Note: The terrorist is guised in military attire.


The remains of two LTTE terrorists, who committed suicide after failing to penetrate the military defences.

Body of a female LTTE terrorist killed in SLA counter attacks. 

Terrorists killed while attempting to flee after the failed attack at the Security Forces Wanni Headquarters, 09.09.2008.

Body of a  LTTE terrorist killed in SLA counter attacks

Banglore torpedoes found during search operations.

Some terrorists have reportedly fled the SLA counter attacks leaving suicide jackets and accessories. (Note: Triggering device and detonator code encircled)

Arms, ammunition and GPS equipment found during clearing operations.

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