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CSD personnel presented with Permanent Appointment Letters

CSD personnel presented with Permanent Appointment Letters

[July 30 2018]

A large batch of Civil Security Department personnel were awarded with Permanent Appointment Letters during a ceremony held recently. According to Civil Security Department media, nearly 39000 CSD personnel were thus presented with Permanent Appointment Letters ending their probationary period.

The newly appointed Director General of the CSD, Major General Nirmal Coswatte symbolically presented the Appointment Letters to a group of CSD personnel attached to the Headquarters and Kandy Force Hq during the ceremony.

The National Home Guard Service was established as a Voluntary Service in the mid 1980's to protect border and villages under terrorist threat. The personnel were not paid any allowances, but some rations were issued through co-operative outlets. Subsequently, they were paid a daily allowance and were placed under the Police Department. They were also provided training at the Kumbuka camp in Horana.

Later, the Home Guard Service was re-structured and the Civil Security Department was established by the gazette notification No. 1462/20 dated 13th September 2006.

The number of personnel was increased to 41,500 and a one month military training was introduced. They were also issued with two types of uniforms and paid a reasonable salary.

One of the main functions of the CSD include taking actions as a supplementary force for aiding and assisting the armed forces and police, as required by the prevailing security situation of the country.

They also provide assistance during disaster situations such as floods and earth slips and in other social welfare activities.

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