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Committed to resolve issues of every community equably - President says in Jaffna

Committed to resolve issues of every community equably - President says in Jaffna


When resolving issues, there is no differentiation as South or North and the government is fully committed resolve issues faced by people, President Maithripala Sirisena said.

Everyone should work in brotherhood irrespective of differences, President Sirisena said at the Northern Province Coordinating meeting held in Jaffna this morning.

President Sirisena who made his maiden visit to Jaffna after assuming the office was warmly received by the Chief Minister of the Northern Province C. Wigneswaran.

The task of bringing together the minds of the people cannot be achieved only through physical development, President pointed out adding that it is this government's hope to bridge the North and South through friendship and understanding.

During the discussion, the attention was drawn to issues related to health, agriculture and education in the Northern Province.

Land and fishermen issues were particularly discussed.

Resolving land issues in the area was one the priorities of the government during the past short span of time and handing over lands utilised for security purposes back to its original owners is the initial step taken in this direction, the President added.

President Sirisena said that he discussed the fishermen issue with the Indian Prime Minister during his visit to India and it is expected to resolve the matter through negotiation.

People's representatives and officials presented the agricultural related issues in the area to the President. The President said that he will pay more attention to the problems faced by farmers in the Northern Province who contribute greatly to the Gross domestic product proving exemplary to the whole nation.

Special attention was drawn to the drinking water issue in the Northern Province. President Maithripala Sirisena said that the Government is expected to formulate special clean drinking water supply projects in the future as a solution to the drinking water issue.

Governor of the Northern Province H. M. G. S. Palihakkara informed the President difficulties faced by hospitals in the Northern Province. The President said as the former Health Minister with a wide knowledge about the difficulties faced by hospitals and he will take prompt action to solve the issue.

More attention was drawn to the issues relating to the education sector in the area as well. President Sirisena assured to give this issue a priority when solving matters.

He further said distinct attention has been drawn to provide job opportunities to unemployed graduates in the country.

"I am very glad that our government was able to appoint a civil servant as the Governor of the Northern Province, which was a long term request by the people in the North," the President said. All required facilities will provide for the Administration in the North, he further said.

Nearly 800 widows live in the Northen Province who lost their husbands due to the LTTE terrorism. The President instructed Women's Affairs Minister in the Province to take measures to ensure the welfare of their families in a courteous manner.


Courtesy : President Media Unit

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