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International Past News - 2015

International Past News - 2015

At least 26 killed, 52 injured in suicide blast in Pakistan

[December 30 2015]

Policemen inspect a blast site at Dosehra Chowk area of Mardan, a district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan on Dec. 29, 2015. At least 26 people were killed and 52 others injured in a suicide blast which hit a gov't building in Pakistan's northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Tuesday.

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Shenzhen landslide: survivor found after 67 hours buried under rubble

[December 23 2015]

Almost three days after a cascade of mud and debris engulfed an industrial estate in southern China, leaving at least 75 missing and two dead, rescuers have pulled a survivor from the debris.

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LA Schools To Reopen After 'Hoax' Bomb Threat

[December 23 2015]

Classes are returning to normal, amid claims the email which sparked a city-wide closure was "outlandish" and lacked credibility.

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AFP news offered to SriLankan Airlines passengers via the new Thales InFlyt Application

[December 13 2015]

SriLankan Airlines is a Thales InFlyt Experience AVANT customer and the first airline worldwide flying with the application delivering Live News & Weather.

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North and South Korea hold talks to boost ties

[December 11 2015]

Efforts to ease tensions after August standoff come as UN Security Council discusses the North's human-rights abuses.

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Tajikistan earthquake rocks Central Asia

[December 08 2015]

Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits Tajikistan, sending mild tremors across northern Pakistan and India.

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Commuters put on terror alert

[December 07 2015]

Armed patrols will be increased on the transport network after a suspected Islamist fanatic went on the rampage in a London Underground station.

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MH370: Australia 'confident' in search site for plane

[December 03 2015]

A new analysis of data shows the plane is probably in the southern end of the Indian Ocean search zone, where the operation will now be focused.

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Conservative Mauricio Macri wins Argentina presidency

[November 23 2015]

Conservative Mauricio Macri has been confirmed as the winner in Argentina's presidential elections after his ruling party opponent conceded.

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French Police Carry Out Raid in Paris Suburb Related to Attacks

[November 16 2015]

French police investigating the coordinated attacks on Paris carried out a pre-dawn raid in Bobigny, a suburb of Paris, early on Monday.

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Paris attacks: Bataclan and other assaults leave many dead

[November 14 2015]

France has declared a national state of emergency and tightened borders after at least 120 people were killed in a night of gun and bomb attacks in Paris.

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Sinai plane crash: Russia and Egypt urge caution on bomb theory

[November 05 2015]

Russia and Egypt have urged caution over suggestions that a Russian airliner that crashed in Sinai killing 224 passengers may have been bombed.

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Bidhya Devi Bhandari elected Nepal's first female president 

[October 29 2015]

Nepal's parliament has elected women's rights campaigner Bidhya Devi Bhandari as its first female president, in a move hailed as a milestone.

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Deadly earthquake rocks Afghanistan and Pakistan

[October 26 2015]

Tremors from the magnitude-7.5 quake were also felt in northern India and Tajikistan. At least 12 of the victims were Afghan schoolgirls killed in a crush as they tried to get out of their building.

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Palestinian teenage relatives killed by Israeli forces

[October 21 2015]

Two teenagers from the same family were among five Palestinians killed by Israeli forces during fresh violence, while an Israeli settler died from wounds he suffered after he was run over by a vehicle.

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Kunduz: Afghan MSF hospital strike a mistake, says US

[September 28 2015]

Gen John Campbell said that the US would never intentionally target a protected medical facility.

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Israeli troops clash with Palestinians at al-Aqsa

[September 28 2015]

Clashes have erupted for a second day in a row at Al-Aqsa, after Israeli security forces stormed the mosque and fought with Palestinian worshippers.

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At least three killed as powerful quake hits off coast of Chile

[September 17 2015]

SANTIAGO - A magnitude 8.3 earthquake hit off the coast of Chile on Wednesday, shaking buildings in the capital city of Santiago and flooding some coastal areas under a tsunami warning.

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British Airways plane catches fire in Las Vegas

[September 09 2015]

A British Airways plane bound for London has caught fire at Las Vegas airport, forcing the evacuation of 172 people on board on emergency slides.

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W Bank arson attack claims new victim

[September 07  2015]

A Palestinian woman has died of injuries she sustained during an arson attack on her home in the West Bank that killed her husband and infant son.

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Migrant crisis: Britain set to accept more refugees

[September 04  2015]

David Cameron is expected to announce plans later to increase the number of refugees being allowed into the UK.

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Migrant crisis: Thousands arrive in mainland Greece

[September 02  2015]

Thousands of migrants are arriving in mainland Greece as the government prepares for talks on tackling the huge number of people reaching its shores.

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Boy's horror as armed soldier puts him in headlock

[August 30  2015]

Jerusalem (CNN)Images of an armed Israeli soldier trying to arrest an 11-year-old Palestinian boy with a broken arm in the West Bank went viral on social media over the weekend.

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Bangkok bomb: Foreign role in attack unlikely, says government

[August 20  2015]

Col Winthai Suvaree, a spokesman for the ruling military junta, said this was the preliminary conclusion reached by investigators.

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Teams head for Papua 'plane debris'

[August 17  2015]

Officials have confirmed they spotted debris near the town of Oksibil.

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China blasts: Casualties in Tianjin port city explosions

[August 13  2015]

State media said the blasts happened in a warehouse storing "dangerous and chemical goods" in the port area of the city.

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Has Nefertiti's tomb finally been found?

[August 12  2015]

Nefertiti has continued to capture our collective imagination throughout the ages. No trace has been found of the legendary "beautiful one" who ruled across Egypt at her husband's side... until, possibly, now.       

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At least 24 dead, several injured as two trains derail in MP, rescue ops on

[August 05  2015]

Twenty four bodies, including nine men, 10 women and five kids, have been recovered so far from the mishap site between Khirkiya and Harda stations , Madhya Pradesh Public Relation Department Commissioner Anupam Rajan told PTI today.       

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MH370: Plane wreckage found in Indian Ocean tested

[July 30  2015]

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board vanished without trace in March 2014.       

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US and Cuba to announce plan to open embassies  

[July 01  2015]

The US administration is set to announce that it has reached an agreement with Cuba to reopen embassies and restore diplomatic relations severed more than five decades ago, US officials said.       

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Greece debt crisis: Defiant Tsipras seeks referendum backing  

[June 30  2015]

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has urged voters to reject creditors' demands in a snap referendum on Greece's debt crisis due on Sunday.       

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Pakistan heatwave death toll climbs past 1,200  

[June 28  2015]

About 65,000 heatstroke patients treated in Karachi hospitals during heatwave, with nearly 2,000 still being treated.       

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Nine killed in South Carolina 'hate crime' shooting

[June  18 2015]

An unknown gunman has killed at least nine people at a historic African-American church in the US city of Charleston, in what police called a hate crime. 

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US army shuts website after hacking attack

[June  09 2015]

The website is the online shop front for the US military It says an element of the website was compromised and preventative measures had to be taken to ensure there was no breach of data. 

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Fifa crisis: Ex-official Chuck Blazer details bribe-taking

[June  04 2015]

Former top Fifa official Chuck Blazer has admitted that he and others on the executive committee agreed to accept bribes in conjunction with the choice of South Africa as 2010 World Cup host. 

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Asia migrants: Malaysia orders search and rescue for boats

[May  21 2015]

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has said his country will conduct search and rescue missions for Rohingya migrant boats in the Andaman Sea. 

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Thailand moves away stranded migrant boat

[May  15 2015]

A boat carrying about 300 Rohingya Muslims that was stranded off the coast of Thailand for a week has been moved away by Thai officials. 

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Burundi coup bid: President Nkurunziza's return 'thwarted'

[May  14 2015]

Burundi President Pierre nziza's attempt to return home to tackle a coup has failed and he has returned to Tanzania where he was attending a summit, officials there told the BBC. 

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Election results: Conservatives on course for majority

[May  08 2015]

David Cameron says he hopes to govern for all of the UK as a BBC forecast gives the Tories 329 seats - enough to form a slender majority in the Commons. 

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UK goes to polls in general election

[May  07 2015]

Millions of people will be casting their votes in the UK general election later. 

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Election 2015: Leaders in last-ditch bid for votes

[May  06 2015]

Prime Minister David Cameron will promise to keep Britain "on the road to a brighter future", while Labour's Ed Miliband will pledge "a government that will put working people first". 

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Freddie Gray protests in several US cities

[April 30 2015]

Several hundred people have gathered in New York's Union Square, where police arrested at least 60 people. 

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Nepal earthquake: Rescue effort intensifies

[April 26 2015]

Rescue efforts in Nepal are intensifying after more than 1,800 people were killed in the country's worst earthquake in more than 80 years.

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Mediterranean migrants crisis: EU triples funding

[April 24 2015]

The EU will also look at ways to capture and destroy smugglers' boats and deploy immigration officers to non-EU countries, officials said.    

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South Korean Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo offers to resign

[April 21 2015]

Seoul (CNN)South Korea's Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo offered to resign on Monday amid a growing political scandal.    

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Mediterranean migrant deaths: EU holds urgent talks

[April 20 2015]

Some southern European nations say the EU's credibility is now at stake after last year's decision to scale back search and rescue efforts.   

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Aid group: 400 feared dead after migrant boat capsizes

[April 06 2015]

Survivors of a capsized migrant boat off Libya have told the aid group Save the Children that an estimated 400 people are believed to have drowned.   

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Abbas threatens to take Israel to ICC over tax payment

[April 06 2015]

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to turn to the International Criminal Court over Israel's refusal to fully release hundreds of millions of dollars in tax monies owed to the Palestinian Authority.   

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Buhari ahead in tight Nigeria election

[March 31 2015]

Opposition leader Muhammadu Buhari has opened up a slight lead over President Goodluck Jonathan in a tight Nigerian election that is expected to go down to the wire when the vote count resumes on Tuesday.   

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German newspaper releases timeline of Germanwings flight before crash

[March 30 2015]

The sounds recorded on one of the "black boxes" recovered from downed Germanwings Flight 9525 firms up investigators' theory that the co-pilot locked the captain out of the cockpit and then crashed the plane.   

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Germanwings plane crash: Co-pilot 'wanted to destroy plane'

[March 27 2015]

Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin, citing information from the "black box" voice recorder, said the co-pilot was alone in the cockpit.   

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Germanwings plane 4U 9525 crashes in French Alps - no survivors

[March 25 2015]

The Airbus A320 - flight 4U 9525 - went down between Digne and Barcelonnette. There are no survivors, officials say.   

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UN-brokered Yemen crisis talks to be held in Doha

[March 24 2015]

UN-brokered talks aimed at resolving the escalating political crisis in Yemen will be held in Doha, the UN envoy to Yemen has said, after the recognised Yemeni government appealed to the GCC for military assistance.  

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Solar eclipse set to plunge UK and Europe into darkness

[March 20 2015]

A path across the Earth's surface will be plunged into darkness as the Moon covers up the Sun. 

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Israel election: Netanyahu seeks new term in tight race

[March 20 2015]

Polls have opened in Israel in what is expected to be a close contest between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party and a centre-left alliance. 

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Vanuatu development wiped out by 'monster' Cyclone Pam

[March 16 2015]

The Pacific island nation of Vanuatu has lost years of development progress and must "start over" after a powerful cyclone ravaged most of the islands' buildings, the country's president said.

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Myanmar police crack down on student protesters

[March 11 2015]

At least 16 police officers and eight protesters were hurt when Myanmar police clashed with students, monks and journalists as they broke up protesters calling for academic freedom, according to news reports and witnesses.

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Three French sports stars die in Argentina helicopter crash

[March 10 2015]

Eight French nationals and their two Argentine pilots died when two helicopters collided in La Rioja province in the country's north-west.   

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Three French sports stars die in Argentina helicopter crash

[March 05 2015]

The US ambassador to South Korea has been attacked by a knife-wielding man shouting shouting anti-war slogans during a public event at an arts centre in Seoul.  

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Obama says Netanyahu's Iran speech contains 'nothing new'

[March 04 2015]

US President Barack Obama has reacted scathingly to a speech by the Israeli prime minister that castigated his policy towards Iran. 

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Nemtsov funeral to be held in Moscow

[March 03 2015]

The service at Moscow's Troyekurovskoye Cemetery will follow a public ceremony at the Andrei Sakharov rights centre.

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US officials question Netanyahu's judgement

[February 26 2015]

Australian soldiers have been deployed in Queensland to help clean up after a powerful tropical cyclone caused widespread damage in coastal areas.

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Australia storms: Army deployed in massive clean-up

[February 23 2015]

Australian soldiers have been deployed in Queensland to help clean up after a powerful tropical cyclone caused widespread damage in coastal areas.

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Ukraine conflict: Poroshenko calls for UN peacekeepers

[February 19 2015]

At an emergency security meeting, he said such a force would help guarantee security "in a situation where the promise of peace is not being kept".

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Myanmar's President declares state of emergency as violence surges

[February 18 2015]

Myanmar President Thein Sein declared a state of emergency Tuesday in the country's Kokang region, where clashes have erupted between rebels and government soldiers.

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Australian PM Abbott survives leadership challenge

[February 09 2015]

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has urged an end to disunity after surviving a party confidence vote on his leadership.

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Death toll from Taiwan air crash rises

[February 05 2015]

Rescue workers in Taipei work throughout night and early morning to find missing passengers of TransAsia Airways jet.

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South Sudan foes agree to end conflict

[February 02 2015]

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir and rebel commander Riek Machar have signed a deal, committing to end the conflict that has devastated the country.

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Troops killed in attacks in Egypt's North Sinai

[January 30 2015]

Suspected fighters have fired a barrage of rockets and set off a car bomb in a series of attacks in Egypt's North Sinai province, killing at least 26 people, mostly soldiers, according to security officials.

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New York shuts down as 'historic' snowstorm approaches

[January 27 2015]

All non-emergency vehicles were banned in New York City from 23:00 local time Monday (04:00 GMT) Tuesday and subway services were suspended.

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New Horizons probe eyes Pluto for historic encounter

[January 25 2015]

A Nasa probe is to start photographing the icy world of Pluto, to prepare itself for a historic encounter in July.

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Saudi Arabia's 'reformer' King Abdullah dies

[January 23 2015]

Throngs of mourners gathered in Mecca early Friday just hours after Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud died. He was 90.

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AirAsia cockpit voice recorder found

[January 13 2015]

Divers in the Java Sea have retrieved the cockpit voice recorder from the crashed AirAsia flight QZ8501, say officials.

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South Australia bushfire: Firefighters warn of worsening weather

[January 05 2015]

More than 30 homes are already feared destroyed in the hills behind the city of Adelaide.

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New Year's Eve: Global celebrations bring in 2015

[January 01 2015]

Celebrations to mark the start of 2015 have taken place around the world, with firework displays in a host of major cities.

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