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All guns silenced: Sri Lanka Army disproves worldwide concept on terrorism
20th May 2009

Army elites spearhead the final assault; Sri Lanka awaits total liberation from terror
17th May 2009

The final rescue mission on the way; LTTE continue to fire at escaping civilians
14th May 2009

LTTE's Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher found - Karyalaimullivaikkal
13th May 2009

57 Div uncovers LTTE aircraft engine and accessories - Thevipurm
13th May 2009

Fall of the LTTE last stronghold - Puthukkudiyirippu
05th April 2009

Pottu Amman's safe house captured - Mullaittivu
24th March 2009

58 Div troops reach Iranapalai Junction - Puthukkudiyiruppu
17th March 2009

Puthukkudiyirippu hospital liberated from LTTE - Mullaittivu
12th March 2009

Troops avert LTTE infiltration bid; 33 LTTE bodies found - South of Chalai
05th March 2009

Troops rattle LTTE defences, reach Puthukkudiyirippu junction - Mullaittivu
03rd March 2009

Massive stocks of explosives, lethal weapons on display
03rd March 2009

LTTE heavy artillery gun barrels and accessories found - Sugandhipuram
02nd March 2009

LTTE high-tech satellite communication center captured - west of Puthukudiirippu
27th February 2009

Arms and ammo found from Puthukuduirippu by 11 SLLI troops
26th February 2009

LTTE leaders' luxury life exposed; a swimming pool located
25th February 2009

LTTE suicide bomb factory, Susai's bunker captured - west of Puthukkudiyiruppu
25th February 2009

Troops Capture Thevipuram - Mullaittivu
20th February 2009

LTTE air raid thwarted; both terrorist aircraft destroyed - Colombo
20th February 2009

LTTE underwater scooters, diving kits found - west of Puthukudiyirippu
19th February 2009

LTTE’s Voice of Tigers complex in Kilinochchi
21st February 2009

LTTE 130mm artillery gun found - Puthukkudyiruppu west
16th February 2009

58 Div locates Huge LTTE printing press - Mullaittivu
11th February 2009

Terror leader Prabha's personal van recovered
10th February 2009

Troops capture Chalai
05th February 2009

Terror leader Prabha's personal jeep recovered
03rd February 2009

LTTE Black Tiger base captured
03rd February 2009

Troops capture Prabakaran's main hideout: Terrorist to face inevitable defeat - Mullaittivu
02nd February 2009

LTTE underwater vehicles found - Mullaittivu
28th January 2009

58 Div troops liberate Visuamadu Town
28th January 2009

Mullaittivu in Pictures
25th January 2009

Ramanathapuram captured
17th January 2009

LTTE underground fuel storage found - Dharmapuram
19th January 2009

Troops crush LTTE resistances, liberate Dharmapuram- Kilinochchi
15th January 2009

North & South reunited; National Flag & Army flags flying high at EPS
10th January 2009

Entire Jaffna Peninsula liberated - Troops capture Chundikulam
14th January 2009

LTTE's most fortified Northern garrison at EPS falls
09th January 2009

Pallai liberated
08th January 2009

Troops Liberate Murasumoddai; more escape routes opened for civilians under terror clutches
08th January 2009

Kilinochchi liberated- Countdown to extinction begins for LTTE
02nd January 2009

Paranthan LTTE garrison captured
01st January 2009

Sinna-Paranthan falls to security forces
22nd December 2008

Troops enter Ampakamam village - Mullaittivu
15th December 2008

Troops capture Terumurikandy junction - Kilinochchi
10th December 2008

Wanni hell gates further crumble; troops reach Kanakarayankulam
05th December 2008

Troops of 59 Division capture Alampil
04th December 2008

Troops capture Puliyankulam
04th December 2008

Troops of the 59 Div capture Otiyamalai
29th November 2008

Troops overrun Mankulama
17th November 2008

Pooneryn Terrorist Bastion falls
15th November 2008

Troops dominate Kumulamunai village - Mullaittivu
11th November 2008

Troops outflank the terrorists in the Devils Point
13rd November 2008

Troops overrun Akkarayankulam built-up in Kilinochchi
05th November 2008

Nachchikuda falls to troops - Kilinochchi
29th October 2008

An LTTE cemetery captured by the 57 Division troops at Akkarayankulama.
19th September 2008

Security Forces crush major terror attack at Vavuniya; 10 LTTE bodies found
09th September 2008

SL Forces captured Thunukkai on 22 Aug 2008
22nd August 2008

LTTE's 'Jeevan Base' falls to Security Forces- Welioya
16th August 2008

SL Forces liberated Mulankavil
13th August 2008

Soldiers on Wanni battle front
29th July 2008

Troops Liberate Iluppaikkadavai
20th July 2008

Vidattaltivu Liberated; terrorists suffer fatal blow
16th July 2008

Troops in 57 Division captured the Naddankandal area in Vavuniya front on 11th July 2008
11th July 2008

LTTE's Michael Base falls to Army - Welioya
04th July 2008

Troops Captured LTTE camp at Eruvilkulam in Vavuniya front on 02nd July 2008
02nd July 2008

26 corpses of LTTE uncovered: consolidate defences in Vavauniya
29th June 2008

Troops takeover Mannar 'Rice Bowl'
29th June 2008

Munnagam Base Captured by Sri Lanka Army
30th May 2008

Army captures Adampan Town - Mannar front
09th May 2008

Army liberates sacred Madhu shrine from terror clutches
25th April 2008

LTTE camp captured in general area Karukkakulam on 30th April and 01st May 2008
30th April and 01st May 2008

LTTE bunkers captured in general area Pikkulam on 30 april 2008
30th April 2008

LTTE base captured North of Manthai by the security forces from offensives launched
from 26 to 28 April 2008

LTTE base captured North of Thirukethishwaram by security forces
26 to 28 April 2008

LTTE hideout attacked by Red arrow missile in gen area periyaodaippu
26th April 08

Destroyed L3 tiger base of kattankulam area by security forces
21st April 2008

LTTE defence captured on 30th and 31st March in general area Parayakulam
30th and 31st March 2008

Troops capture Malikkaittidal LTTE base
21st Mar to 24th Mar 2008

LTTE base captured North of Parappakandal after launching a fierce battle
14th Mar to 24th Mar 2008

Troops capture Parappakandal
06th March 2008

Troops capture LTTE hide out at Perankamam
05th march 2008

Humanitarian Mission Silavatturai

Navy thwarts LTTE infiltration bid to Jaffna peninsula via sea- PPD

Troops Triumph in Thoppigala

Army Seizes large haul of LTTE weapons including one suicide boat- Silavattura

Troops Triumph in Sampur

Muttur attack