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Sri Lanka Navy salvage wreckage of Lion Air
05th May 2013

Portrait of a psycho as a con man
06th May 2009

LTTE suicide bomber attacks Milad Festival - Akurassa
10th March 2009

suicide bomb attack at IDP rescue centre - Kilinochchi
09th February 2009

LTTE carries out desperate suicide blast - Slave Island
02nd January 2009

LTTE suicide bomb blast near Catholic Church ; 8 killed, 17 injured - Wattala
28th December 2008

Over 25 civilians including Maj Gen Janaka Perera killed in LTTE suicide bomb attack- Anuradhapura
06th October 2008

LTTE explodes bus bomb targeting civilians: Public vigilance averts chaos
16th September 2008

LTTE explodes a parcel bomb in Pettah; 45 wounded - Colombo
30th August 2008

12 Police personnel killed, over 20 injured in LTTE suicide attack - Vavuniya
16th June 2008

LTTE uses children for fund raising propaganda- Geneva

2 innocent civilians killed, 20 injured in LTTE bus bomb - Polgolla
06th June 2008

20 civilians killed, over 60 injured in cowardly terror attack- Moratuwa
06th June 2008

Bomb explosion in Wellawatta
04th June 2008

6 civilians killed, 12 injured in LTTE artillery attack at Jaffna
29th May 2008

LTTE bomb blast at train compartment - Dehiwala
26th May 2008

LTTE hand grenade attack - Vavuniya
17th May 2008

Suicide bomb explosion near Sambuddhaloka temple
16th May 2008

Bomb explosion - Ampara
09th May 2008

Piliyandala Bus Bomb
25th April 2008

Weliweriya suicide bomb attack
06th April 2008

LTTE targets innocent civilians - Wellawatta
10th March 2008

Colombo Railway Station blast
03rd February 2008

LTTE terrorists exploded a bomb targeting civilians in Dambulla
02nd February 2008

Slave Island bomb blast
02nd January 2008

Monaragala bomb blast
16th January 2008

Mount Laviniya bomb blast
23rd February 2008

Kebithigollewa claymore blast
06th December 2007

Nugegoda bomb blast
30th November 2007

The LTTE terrorists carried out a cowardly suicide bomb attack at the motorcade carrying Secretary of Defence Gotabaya Rajapakse
01st December 2006

Terrorism ... Can it be much worse?

Few LTTE Atrocities Click on image to download presentation

The horror of terrorism in Sri Lanka (A true story) Download pps

More photos of LTTE’s Ethnic Cleansing

See the pictures of the late acts of LTTE barbarism; Central Bank Attack (Warning: This pictures may be too gory for any human sensibility) ...
31st Jan 1996

woman suicide bomber's attack

See the pictures of the latest acts of LTTE barbarism; and the attempt at ethnic cleansing at Kabitigollewa (Warning: This pictures may be too gory for any human sensibility) ...

LTTE : A Trail of Atrocities