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Situation Report on 08 January 2007

Army  denies false tiger propaganda - at 19:19 hours on 08th January

Sri Lanka Army totally denies the false propaganda carried out by the pro-LTTE media that an artillery attack was made at a hospital in VAKARAI area today (08).

Today the Tigers fired artillery at the Security Forces in Panichchankerni and Kadjuwatta area around 2.00 p.m. causing critical injuries to two soldiers.

The Army retaliated with artillery at identified LTTE gun positions and reiterates that the SLA never attack civilian targets like the tiger terrorists.

Municipal council officer's son injured in LTTE hand grenade attack in Trincomalee - at 17:17 p.m hours on 08th January

Tiger terrorists lobbed a hand grenade inside a Trincomalee Municipal Council tax officer's house on CV road around 2.15 p.m. today (08). The officer's son, Navashodhirajah Madhanarajah (25) of the Eastern University sustained injuries in the attack. The victim was admitted to the Trincomalee hospital for treatment.

It is believed that the LTTE had carried out this attack in retribution for not heeding to their demands. The officer had ignored LTTE warnings and carried on his duties as a government official.

LTTE instigates Jaffna students to set fire to a bus in Jaffna - at 16:48 p.m hours on 08th January

A group of hindu vidyalaya students had got off their school bus and set fire it to near the school premises around 8.20 a.m. today (08).

Security Forces believe that the LTTE is behind this incident with the aim of instigating school children into disruptive acts. This act clearly indicates that the LTTE is using every opportunity to disrupt normalcy in the area. The LTTE's latest tactic is to use civilians, even school children to initiate chaos and disorder in the North and East.

The Jaffna Police and the Army are conducting further investigations.

Army successfully repulses LTTE small arms attack in Vavuniya - at 11:26 p.m hours on 08th January

Troops successfully repulsed a LTTE small arms attack causing heavy damages on fleeing tiger cadres in Nochchimodai, VAVUNIYA around 10.20 a.m. today (08).

During a subsequent search operation, troops recovered a dead body of a tiger cadre and a T-56 weapon.

Suspected ltte attack on transformer in Wattala - at 10:53 a.m hours on 08th January

A transformer of a substation was destroyed in an explosion suspected to have been carried out by the LTTE in the Elakanda area at the Wattala - Maradana junction at 1.58 a.m. this morning (08).

The Wattala police are conducting further investigations.

More details will follow.

More civilians seek protection from the security forces in Batticaloa - at 08:50 a.m hours on 08th January

47 Families, numbering 164 people arrived in the Rideethenna and Kajuwatta areas from VAKARAI and Kadiraweli yesterday (07) where civilians are under threat from the LTTE.

Among the displaced are 43 men, 53 women, 32 boys and 36 girls.

On the directive of the Government, the Army has provided water, food, shelter and basic necessities to these displaced people.

LTTE suffers heavy damages in confrontation in Batticaloa - at 08:48 a.m hours on 08th January

A soldier was killed and another injured in a confrontation between the Army and the LTTE, west of VAKARAI around 5.45 p.m. yesterday (07). According to intelligence sources the LTTE has suffered heavy damages.

Two soldiers injured in LTTE mortar attack in Batticaloa - at 08:47 a.m hours on 08th January

Two soldiers were injured when the LTTE directed mortar fire on the Vavunathivu Army detachment around 6.30 p.m. yesterday (07). The Army retaliated.


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